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In need of a self-confident but approachable business headshot that shows your expertise and really reflects the best character traits?
Or a Linkedin photo that attracts more leads?
As a business photographer we create the best version of yourself in the perfect profile picture!


Ideal to attract customers via your LinkedIn page, website, business cards or other communication.
During our “Linkedin sessions” we take the perfect business profile pictures for you.

On your location, in you company or in our  studio we make indiviual portraits or group photo’s of your staff members or collegues. That way you give a face to your company.

That one picture that shows what you stand for, who you are or what you do!
Let’s make the Portraits that tell your story the way you want to be seen…

Making business portraits - Headshots


Our Stylist helps you choose the correct clothing. Dressing correctly will increase the impact of your headshots photo.


A fun hands-on session where we look for the right pose and facial expression that fits your profile, image or reputation.


Together we choose the most fitting picture(s) during the session. If needed we retake some pictures until it’s perfect!


All professional portraits require retouching and editing, but we don’t over-photoshop. We enhance your natural features so the real you shines through.

Kwinten Verspeurt en Tine Van Assche - fotograaf

About us

Kwinten & Tine

The success of this photostudio is attributed to the explosive artistic chemistry between Kwinten and Tine. Their keen eye for perfection takes their creativity to new heights.

In 2005, Fotostudio Kwinten was established in the heart of Willebroek, conveniently located near Antwerp, Brussels, and Mechelen. In 2011, a new era began with the construction of a new studio featuring a gallery, a viewing room, a redesigned studio, and a dressing room.

In 2021, Kwinten was invited to participate in a four-day workshop with the worldwide number one in headshot photography, which elevated his techniques to an even higher level.

Their professional and welcoming demeanor ensures a superb experience for families and business professionals alike.

Kwinten and Tine’s approach is smooth and inviting, creating a relaxed atmosphere that guarantees an exceptional experience for both families and business professionals.”

Business portraits

Sell yourself

The perfect headshot

During our Linkedin sessions we make your perfect businessportraits. Ideal to attract new clients via Linkedin, business cards, your website, presentations or other business communication.
People choose people! So make your communication personal. Show yourself, sell yousell before you sell your product or service.
All that starts with a good and attractive professional headshot that fits your image, style and personality!

Together we make the journey of finding that perfect look and feel for your perfect headshot!

Profielfoto Ilse Lenvain - Headshot

client: Ilse Lenvain – Lenvain support

Headshot photographer near me

A professional headshot for a convincing first impression

A convincing profile picture is an essential tool to professionally introduce yourself to potential clients and other business associates.

A business portrait builds trust: people feel more personally addressed. They see the face they will get on the line just next. So they are not calling to a stranger.

We pay a lot of attention to your body language and micro expressions in front of the lens. That way we make sure you come across as spontaneous yet professional. Our goal is to create one image that really appeals to someone new to contact you or start working with you.

ON location or in our studio?

Our Linkedin Sessies always take place in our well equipped studio in Willebroek (close to Brussels and Antwerp).

Within this package we we make a professional headshot in a cost-effective way, but still taking the time to make sure you look awesome!

In our studio the weather is always excellent and we have all the tools needed closeby. And nobody walks in our way, so we can focus on the job at hand.

But if you rather like to have the athmosphere of your job of workspace in the picture to help tell your story, make sure to check out our StoryTelling Headshots.

We also build our studio in your company. More info about that in our

Portretfoto voor Bacardi - profielfoto medewerker

client: Bacardi

Rates for Business Headshots

Session fee: € 245,00
+ Price per picture: € 59,00

Most of our clients choose between 4 to 15 pictures during the session.
HINT: If desired, you can book a make-up artist who will take care of your make-up at the start of the session (€ 155,00).

All prices are excl VAT

perfecte profielfoto voor Linkedin en zakelijk gebruik - Fotostudio Kwinten - Givin Clymans

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Ideally for management professionals who are in need of serious business headshots and profile pictures..

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